Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dierks Bentley... For Your CMA Consideration

Watch and listen to hear if Dierks Bentley's name is called Wednesday morning, September 3 on ABC's Good Morning America, when Little Big Town and Darius Rucker announce live the final nominees in five award categories for "The 48th Annual CMA Awards."  The announcement will air in the 8:30 AM/ET half-hour segment.

According to, "Following “Good Morning America,” Little Big Town and Rucker will be at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square to announce the finalists in the remaining seven categories..and this event will be streamed live via beginning at 10:00 AM/ET."

Dierks could be nominated in as many as five categories, as his press kit sent to CMA members suggested the following "for your CMA consideration."

  • Male Vocalist of the Year
  • Album of the Year - Riser
  • Single of the Year - "Drunk On A Plane"
  • Song of the Year - "I Hold On"
  • Music Video of the Year- "Drunk On A Plane"

The vote-prompting packet also included Riser, the CD and Riser the documentary film, along with an assemble-your-own Riser Air paper/plastic airplane and flying instructions.

The CMA Awards nominees and winners are determined by more than 7,000 professional members of CMA, which was the first trade organization formed to promote an individual genre of music in 1958. 

The eligibility period for the 2014 CMA Awards is July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

The 48th Annual CMA Awards will air on ABC on Wednesday, Nov. 5 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET).

We would love if he was nominated for and won all five--he totally deserves them, but if he could only win one, which award do you think would mean the most to Dierks?  Leave your answer in the comments!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


PLATINUM selling singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley announced that a second leg has been added to his 2014 RISER TOUR.  The 20 city run begins Oct. 2 in Stockton, CA and runs through the  end of the year with special guests Randy Houser and Eric Paslay on the US dates and Houser and rising Canadian artist Tim Hicks on the stops north of the border. Fans can now purchase tickets for the first announced dates at with more details to be revealed over the next few weeks.
“It’s going to be tough to top this summer, but every night I get more excited and don't want this run to end.  I'm just living in the moment as much as I can and taking it all in…it really has been the best summer of my life," said Bentley.  “I'm looking forward to having Randy, Eric and Tim out on the road for the next leg…all three of them are crazy talented."
While capacity crowds have filled amphitheaters across the country, Bentley’s tour has also caught the attention of critics who note headlining is “what the man was born to do” (Arizona Republic).
First Announced Cities on the 2014 RISER TOUR’s Second Leg:
Stockton, CA
Fresno, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Boise, ID
Missoula, MT
Edmonton, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Calgary, AB
Winnipeg, MT
Fargo, ND
Bismark, ND
Brookings, SD
Hershey, PA
Bethlehem, PA
Uncasville, CT
Utica, NY
Huntington, WV
Roanoke, VA
Baltimore, MD
Ottawa, ON
Hamilton, ON
Oshawa, ON
London, ON
Bentley’s smash hit of the summer, “Drunk On A Plane,” continues to gain momentum as it closes in on the No. one position, selling an average of over 65,000 singles a week.  The single is off his critically acclaimed and No. one selling new album, RISER, which has tallied more than 1.5 million digital track sales to date and has already claimed a chart topping hit with the deeply personal "I Hold On."  His six previous studio albums have sold more than five million copies, notched 11 chart-topping singles and earned 11 GRAMMY nominations, countless CMA, ACM and CMT nominations and membership at the Grand Ole Opry.
Randy Houser took country fans and industry insiders by storm with the 2013 release of his Stoney Creek Records album How Country Feels. Scoring three consecutive No. one hits with the title track, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss,” Houser also earned the American Country Award for Most Played Radio Track: Male (“How Country Feels”) and his first No. one as a songwriter (“Goodnight Kiss”). His new single, “Like A Cowboy,” is the fourth release from How Country Feels and was written by Houser and Brice Long. 
EMI recording artist Eric Paslay released his self-titled debut album February 2014 featuring his No. one hit single “Friday Night” and current Top 15 single “Song About A Girl.” A GRAMMY, ACM and CMA nominated artist, Eric has co-penned five No. one hits including “Friday Night,” “Rewind,” “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Angel Eyes.”
Multiple 2014 CCMA Award nominee Tim Hicks has already achieved four Top 10 singles in Canada, two JUNO Award nominations and his third GOLD-certified single. His sophomore album, 5:01, shot to No. one on the Canadian iTunes Country chart, and the lead single “Here Comes The Thunder” has been added to rotation at SiriusXM’s The Highway.  In 2013, Hicks became the No. one highest selling digital Canadian Country Artist of the Year, as well as the Most Played Debut Artist overall at Canadian Country radio.
For the new dates, both Ole Smoky® Tennessee Moonshine® and Mountain Dew® will return as tour sponsors of the 2014 RISER TOUR. For more information and for a full list of tour dates, visit

Friday, July 25, 2014

Every Mile a Memory On the Way to 100 Shows

Hey everyone! Stephanie here - your DBC Historian. I recently attended my 100th Dierks Bentley show and Ronna asked that I guest blog about my awesome day so here goes.

It started out like any other day. Takara, Leigh and myself hit the road around 7:30 towards Council Bluffs. My anxiety level was high to begin with, as it is on every concert day, but this day was special. Once we passed the city limits sign I could almost feel my stomach trying to leap out of my throat. Will there be anyone in line yet? Is the venue set up like it was several years ago when we were here? Is my ticket at will call? Did my m&g pass transfer? So many questions!!

We finally got to the venue and there wasn't a soul around. Whew. One good thing to help calm my nerves. We managed to snag a parking spot at the golf course across the street from the venue and made our way inside the casino for a quick potty break. Since there was literally nobody in line, we plopped down underneath a tree across the street from the entrance to the venue and stayed in the shade. Overall, it was a gorgeous day!

The buses were parked along the street by the venue so we were hoping to get lucky and catch Dierks out and about like we did several years ago. Around 3:30, I look up and see him walking across the street to visit with another group of fans that were waiting outside too! He was gracious enough to take pics with everyone and sign autographs even though he was on his way to lunch. What a great guy! Even though many of my friends and fellow DBC reps were tweeting about this being my big day (thank you all for that by the way), I wasn't too confident on him reading it so I just opened my mouth and flat out told him. He said he'd have to figure out something special to do for me during the show! Umm...cue me freaking out!!!!!

There still weren't a lot of people in line which really surprised me since the show was sold out. It was a pretty laid back line too. People weren't shoving or cutting. It really didn't get crazy until half an hour before doors. That's when all these VIPs started showing up and getting in their own special line. We were really hoping that they would all just head to the VIP area, but we didn't get that lucky. As it got closer and closer to 6, we got more and more worried that even though we had waited outside all day long, our spots were about to be taken.

Once they opened the general admission gate, me and Takara took off running. Leigh was our designated bag holder so we didn't have anything weighing us down! As we got closer to the front, we noticed that quite a bit of it was taken up already. We did manage to pass (and possibly scare) a group of teenage boys and took the spots they were aiming for. You don't mess with Dierks fans bound for the front row!

Leigh, me and Takara

Around 7:20, I headed for the m&g area. They were running a bit late which only added to my nerves as I saw the space around my spot getting filled with more and more people! Finally Mel came out and got the group. They led everyone into a little room backstage and we stood there waiting for Dierks. As I got up to the front, Tom asked me to unroll my poster and started looking at it. He's such a nice guy! The person before me stepped out and I walked up to Dierks. He looked at all the pics on my poster and said he remembered some of them, even knew when some of them were taken! He turned it around to face the rest of the people and says "has anyone else been to 100 shows?" Nope, just crazy me! We took the pic and he laid my poster down on the bar and he signed it. He told me he was still thinking of something special to do for me and asked where I was for the show. Front row, of course!

Surprisingly, I had zero problems getting back to my spot! After that, it was just a matter of time before the opening act was done (who wasn't bad at all) and it was time for Dierks to hit the stage!
He took notice of where we were pretty much right away! One thing I like about this venue is that it allows easy access to get on and off the stage and you better believe he made good use of that. I won't go too much into the details of the show performance wise, but the guys gave it their all despite them missing the big amphitheater set-up. And the crowd ate up every bit of the show, especially during Drunk On a Plane! Crazy how big of a hit that song has become for Dierks!

The first round of stage lovies came during Feel That Fire. Dierks hopped off the stage and walked along the front row shaking hands. He got to our group and this happened:

I was curious if that was all that was going to happen until he started his Every Mile a Memory intro:

You could not have wiped the big cheesy smile off my face for that entire thing if you tried! And to look over and see Leigh tearing up nearly made me start bawling in the front row. I've made a lot of concert buddies over the years, but I think I've seen Dierks more times with Leigh and Takara than I can even remember and I was so thankful those 2 were standing right there with me when all of this went down.

The end of the show came and out came the guitar. Part of me wondered if I was going to be going home with another one, but what I got was even better! Dierks starts making his way along the front row again, gets to me and stops. He makes a lifting motion with both of his hands and my immediate thought is "oh man, I'm going on stage again!" quickly followed by "how do I get over this barricade in a dress without flashing the crowd?" Once again, it all happened in a flash. Dierks lifted me down from the top of the barricade (he's really strong by the way) and up I went on the stage to join the guys for the final bow!

Dierks led me backstage where he was raving about how awesome the crowd was! The energy he has when he walks off the stage in insane! He wrapped me up in a giant hug and called the rest of the guys over to do the same. Sweaty group hug haha! I adore all the guys so very much!!! Dierks asked me if I needed anything and I said I needed water (being on that stage is frightening...I don't know how he does it) so he grabbed my hand again and runs me up the hill to his bus.

I go inside the bus and take a seat next to Steve. Dierks asked where my first show was and the guys got a kick out of my whole "he stayed for 3 hours signing autographs and I fell in love" story. Dierks gathered everyone up for the group picture that he insisted needed to be "blasted all over social." We took a couple more individual photos and I said bye to the guys, got some more hugs, another big hug and an "I love you" from Dierks and walked back outside with Tom.

We headed back into the venue to say bye to all the crew guys! I got big hugs from Jay and Reade... Dierks seriously has the best crew out there! It was about that time that my phone started blowing up and I opened up Twitter to see that Dierks has already put our group shot up!

I could've been struck dead by lightning in that moment and been perfectly okay with it!! After grabbing some post concert food, we hit the road for Kansas City. Normally I would've been passed out in the backseat in about 20 minutes, but this post concert high got me through the entire 3 hour drive home and then some.

I never could've dreamed up a day this amazing. I'll never forget this show and I don't think any other show will ever top it in my book. I'm so thankful for Dierks' friendship over the years, getting to know so many of his band members and crew members and more importantly, all the amazing friendships that have come from meeting people at his shows (special shoutout to my FRHs)! I know those are friendships that I'll have throughout my entire life wherever I end up in the future.

So here's to another 100 - already counting them down with 101 in St. Louis the next night! #everymileamemory

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buy Your Own Flock! Dierks Bentley's Riser Bird Movement for Kids - Not just for Nashville Residents

They say birds of a feather, flock together.  DB Congress is Dierks Bentley's flock, and he needs our help! 

If you can't be at the ninth annual Miles and Music For Kids this year (September 28), or you just want to give more support to the kids at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, you can buy your own flock and decorate your own yard--even if you don't live in Nashville!

All awareness and support is appreciated!  Let's hit this campaign hard and help our president (Dierks) donate his biggest check ever! That mean's "rising" above last year's record breaking $307,296.

Here's an idea.  If the $80 for a flock of 8 Riser birds is a little out of your donation range, ask family and friends to share in the cost with you!

Let's land these birds all across the DB Congress Rep world!  Send us your pictures of the birds in your yard and we'll post them!  We'll even give away some DB autographed items.  Email us your photo and you'll be entered to win!  Email us at

To buy your own flock CLICK HERE.

Please flock it forward.  Share this post on Facebook, and Retweet it!